On Sunday, May 25, 1966, Pineland Baptist Church, then called East Burlington Baptist Church,  had her first services at what was Elizabeth Gardens Public School’s auditorium with 14 in attendance as Pastor Walter Kerber pastored.  By November 12, 1967, the church officially organized and started with 37 charter members. As the church continued to meet for worship at the school, God continued to bless Pineland Baptist Church and on May 1968 Pineland purchased land and formed a building committee to begin the construction of our current building.

By August 1968, the construction project began with approximately 6800 hours of labour donated by the congregation and neighbouring Churches of the NAB.  On November 17, the cornerstone was placed and the first service was held the following Sunday on the 24th, even though the auditorium was still not finished.  The excitement was high as many came to sweep and clean and prepare for the first service in the new building. The new auditorium was dedicated on May 25, 1969, with over 500 in attendance.

With the completion of the new building, God continued to grow his church in South East Burlington.  Pineland began to see steady growth: Pineland began with 32 members in 1967 and continued to grow. As we continue to look at the past, we are amazed by how God continued to provide for Pineland.  In January 1973, it became apparent that the current space of just an auditorium was not enough. So in a step of faith, a building committee was formed to look into an addition that would be called the Education Wing. This new wing would house classrooms, offices, a gym, nurseries, etc. During this same year, by April 1973, Pineland became self-supporting and no longer needed financial help from the NAB or other supporting churches.  On May 26, 1974, the Educational Wing, that was built by the congregation, was dedicated.

In 1979, Walter Kerber moved to Calgary to become the Senior Pastor of Grace Baptist Church, but God continued to be faithful and in February of 1980, Pineland called Jake Leverette to be the Senior Pastor.    God continued to bless Pineland and a study was done for the 3rd phase of a building project to add onto the back of the auditorium and add the Fellowship Hall. Building began in 1981 with a Dedication of the New Addition on May 30, 1982.

God continued to bless Pineland through her ups and downs of ministry and called faithful men to be elders. As we look to the future, we remember what God did in and through us.  As we remember the past, it helps us to look to the future as we take steps of faith and trust in a God who has and is faithful.