Pastor's Pen

Embracing God’s Straight Paths

In Acts 13, we witness the unfolding of Christ’s commission in the beginning of Acts (1:8) as a local church passionately engaged in worship and fasting. Guided by the Holy Spirit, they move out on a mission to share the Gospel, but not without encountering opposition from a sorcerer named Elymas.

This narrative has lessons for us at Pineland Baptist. The church’s journey begins with a fervent commitment to worship and dependence on God through prayer and fasting. It’s a powerful reminder that our mission is birthed in the atmosphere of surrender, dependence, and seeking God’s guidance.

As the early church faced challenges, so do we. Opposition is not a signal to retreat but an expected part of our mission. Elymas, a symbol of spiritual opposition, sought to twist the straight paths of the Lord. Similarly, we encounter obstacles in various forms, but the message is clear: God works through and beyond every hindrance.

The encounter between Paul and Elymas illustrates that spiritual warfare is a reality. The Apostle, filled with the Holy Spirit, saw through the deceit and pronounced a temporary blindness, exposing the false prophet’s intentions. This reminds us that our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces.

The story concludes with the salvation of Sergius Paulus, the provincial governor. The Gospel, astonishing in its simplicity and power, triumphs over opposition. God’s straight paths lead to faith, even when faced with adversity.

As we step into this new year, let’s embrace the lessons from Acts 13. Let our worship be the launching pad for mission, knowing that God’s goal is faith in the lives of others. In the face of opposition, let’s stand firm, knowing that God clears the way for His Gospel. May our dependence on Him through prayer and fasting be the catalyst for transformative missions, as we navigate the straight paths of the Lord.