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Feb 2018
Man Reading Bible

As many of you notice, there was no candidate for the “Moderator” at our recent Members’ Meeting. As we move forward as Elders, we are aiming to be more authentic with you. With the changing dynamic of our elders, we will be entering in to a time where we have younger Elders with younger families. An Elder who holds this position, has much responsibility and many duties for one man, on top of the regular Elder duties, which also includes our Shepherding Groups. As we move forward with these new dynamics, we’re......

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Dec 2016
Search Committee Update - Lead Pastor Candidate Meet and Greet

These are exciting times for Pineland, especially as we just celebrated our 50 year anniversary. As we celebrated, we praised God for what He has done at Pineland, what He is doing, and trusting Him as we look to the future to what He will do at Pineland. As we look to the future, our Elders are excited to present to you our Lead Pastor Candidate. A lot of prayer has happened over these past two years as we said goodbye to our loved Lead Pastor, Pastor Steve. As we prayed, God......

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