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Annual Report

Jan 2018
Annual Report 2017

At our last home in Santiago, Chile we had a beautiful cocktail climbing rose bush in our front yard. When we first arrived, however, it was in need of a lot of TLC. Over the first few months I tilled the ground, weeded, pruned, fertilized and tied the shrub to a trellis so it could grow upwards and flourish. Soon the rose bush began to show signs of new vigor. At first it flowered sporadically, but with time it grew to a height of three meters and started giving off hundreds of......

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Jan 2017
A Year in Review - Annual Report

For some of you, you may be amazed by how fast this past year has gone. I am sure there are some, as we celebrated our 50th Anniversary, that are amazed by how fast half a century goes by. What a great opportunity this is to stop and reflect on our awesome God and how He has remained faithful to us over this past year or even 50 years. We took time this year to celebrate 50 years of God’s grace to us as a church family. We looked at praising God......

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