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Search Committee Update – Lead Pastor Candidate Meet and Greet

Search Committee Update - Lead Pastor Candidate Meet and Greet

These are exciting times for Pineland, especially as we just celebrated our 50 year anniversary. As we celebrated, we praised God for what He has done at Pineland, what He is doing, and trusting Him as we look to the future to what He will do at Pineland. As we look to the future, our Elders are excited to present to you our Lead Pastor Candidate. A lot of prayer has happened over these past two years as we said goodbye to our loved Lead Pastor, Pastor Steve. As we prayed, God has done a lot in us over these past 2 years as he prepares us for what He will do in and through us in the future and we are excited as we trust God moving forward. Below you will read a condensed and vague description of our Lead Pastor Candidate. Please come to the church to read a full biography.

The Candidate didn’t grow up in a Christian family and only came to faith in Christ after dropping out of university. His rebellious heart had led him into the scene away from God but it was there that God used the testimony of a faithful family to lead him to receive Christ as his Lord and Saviour. Soon after his conversion, he began attending a local church where they fostered a strong commitment to the Word of God that would serve him to this day.

Within a year of coming to faith in Christ, he met his future wife and they shared a strong sense of calling to be missionaries. It was at which point she enrol in Bible classes and he finished university and then graduated from seminary with a Masters of Divinity. They left to the overseas mission field for over ten years and took part in church planting.

During the Candidate and his wife’s time overseas, he became more and more aware that the vast majority of missionaries, short-term and long-term, were unable to share the Gospel. As missionaries are an extension of the local Canadian church, he felt a strong desire to return to Canada and build up the church in their precious faith. With this call to pastoral ministry came a sense that his seminary education was lacking, so he enrolled in a Doctorate of Ministry in Expository.

While studying his doctorate, the Candidate received a call from a church and was ordained to the Gospel ministry in that churches baptist association. He and his wife served at that church for 4 years before and accepting a call to serve in a more local church where he is currently a Lead Pastor of a baptist congregation.

The Candidates spiritual giftednesses are in preaching God’s Word and discipleship/mentoring. He holds a Master of Divinity and a Doctorate of Ministry in Expository Preaching. During his 20 years of ministry, he has served on several national and international leadership teams in different capacities.  He and his wife have three children.

As we continue to pray, here are some areas to consider:

  1. Thanksgiving for a wonderful Lead Pastor Candidate and family.
  2. For Growing unity and peace – as dialogue and meetings will take place with Elders and Pastors
  3. For mutual trust, respect, and patience
  4. For January 7 and 8 as the Candidate and family are introduced.
  5. For us to stand strong against the temptation to gossip
  6. Sincere hearts of love and acceptance of them as a family
  7. For a growing peace and consensus amongst the Pineland congregation as they meet and listen to the Candidate and his family.
  8. For his previous church as they too will transition

Continue to pray according to our Call to Prayer in a previous post.

Also, join us on January 7th at 6:00 pm for a “meet and greet” with the Candidate and his family. Please bring with you an item to share (A – L Dessert; M – Z Appetizer). The Lead Pastor Candidate will also be preaching for Sunday morning worship on January 8th. A members only vote will be held the following Sunday on the 15th.


I joined the staff at Pineland in 2007 as the Youth Pastor and then as an Associate Pastor in 2013. I am responsible for the church ministry teams that oversee children, youth, students, and families. I also oversee the ministry for local outreach, development of media resources, and participate in the preaching ministry under the Lead Pastor. Email me at

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